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E-Mini Scalping & Forex Scalping: As Low as $0.18 per Side!*

What is E-Mini Scalping or Forex Scalping?

E-Mini scalping, Forex scalping, Scalping is the practice of trading in and out of the market on very small price fluctuations. E-Mini Scalping normally involves establishing and liquidating positions quickly, usually within the same day, hour or even just a few minutes.

Why Scalp the E-Mini with Us?

We are now offering one of the most attractive commission rates around without compromising the quality of our service.

E-Mini.com understands that active mini futures traders need lower trading costs, fast execution, human support, and aggressive day-trading margins.

We are here to provide all of the above.

  • We are offering commissions as low as $0.18 per side!*
  • We offer some of the fastest online trading platforms in the industry, featuring one click trading, reverse, flatten, and much more.
  • Our series 3 brokers are available to answer any questions you may have and help you in real time when needed.
  • We offer $500 day-trading margins and lower for the e-mini contracts.

If you trade more than 1000 contracts per month please fill out the short form below or call us at 800-454-9572 to find out more about the E-Mini.com active trader commission rate.

This information you provide us will be treated with strict confidence by E-Mini.com. We WILL NOT distribute your information to any third parties!

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Contracts traded
Mini SP, Mini Nasdaq, Mini Dow, Mini Russell
Bonds / 10 years
European Indices

* rates do not include exchange and NFA fees.