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Commissions Overview
commissions are per side, INCLUDING exchange fees
Monthly Volume Stock Index Energies Financials Grain Soft Meats Metals Currencies Foreign Products
500 -1,000 $1.94 $2.24 $1.36 $2.59 $2.53 $2.67 $2.23 $2.38  
1,001-5,000 $1.78 $2.08 $1.20 $2.43 $2.37 $2.51 $2.07 $2.22  
5,001-10,000 $1.68 $1.98 $1.10 $2.33 $2.27 $2.41 $1.97 $2.12  
Above 10,000 Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us  
Day Trading Margins* $500 $1,000 $400 $750 $750 $750 $1,000 $1,000 Call Us


E-Minis $0.82 per side.
Including all exchange & NFA fees, this equals $1.94 per side FLAT.

Minimum account size to qualify for these rates is $5000.

Volume traders call for a quote.

We also offer similarly competitive rates for other electronic markets according to volume.

*Subject to change with market volatility.

*These rates apply to 100% self directed accounts, using firetip platform with minimum account balance of $5,000

We will try to match any rate, call us now at (800) 454-9572!

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More About Commissions - Discount Emini Futures Trading

Trade the E-Minis for as low as $1.68 flat

Cannon Trading Co. Inc. proudly continues to offer its clients superior customer service, while providing low e-mini commission rates. The needs of every E-Mini customer, from high volume to lower volume traders, are fulfilled by our exceptional quality of service and reliable platforms.

E-Mini commissions vary according to several factors:

1. The markets you trade:

Future traders must keep in mind the way future exchanges work: some contracts are "cheaper" to trade than others. High volume traded contracts such as mini SP, electronic bonds and similar electronic contracts are much cheaper to execute than some of the open out cry contracts such as coffee, sugar etc., which require actual floor brokers to execute the trades. Our e-mini commissions for ELECTRONIC MARKETS can be lower than $1.68 a side flat. To request a customized e-mini commissions quote, please fill out the short form on the side.

2. The way you trade:

Online traders benefit from lower rates than those who place trades via a broker. Nevertheless, online trading is more suitable for day-traders and experienced traders.

Different trading platforms may have additional fees associated, therefore rates may vary according to the platform of your choice.

How often you trade / the volume you trade

Traders can enjoy lower e-mini commissions depending on the frequency of the trades. The more trades are placed, the lower the commission rates may be. Volume also matters when determining the commission rate. Online commodity traders, who trade 50 contracts at a time, will benefit from lower rates than those who trade 1 contract at a time. If you are a high volume trader, please call us 800-454-9572 to find out about our special programs for Foreign introducing brokers, money managers, professional traders, CTAs and more. Including rates as low as $0.40 a side + exch fees for CME electronic members!

We recommend sharing your trading needs with us. We would like to hear about your trading experience, style, and behavior. Inform us your risk capital and your special needs as far as a trading platform for the specific markets you want to trade. We offer individual e-mini commission quotes for the individual trader and while our commissions are amongst the most competitive rates in the industry, our service is never compromised.